• Cable Lock will not be out of shape even the temperature reaches 40 centigrade with the high quality strong material

  • Strong resistance from saw cutting tools and water

  • Comes with a mount for your bike so you can easily take this with you, without needing a backpack or basket to carry it

  • Size:6.5MM*1000mm

  • The product's steel cable and skin with five poisonous tasteless

  • Harmless to the human body of PVC material, in line with EU environmental standards requirements!

  • The product's plastic shell with high-quality ABS material

  • Not cracking at low temperatures, no deformation at high temperatures of 40 degrees

  • No key, easy to use, do not worry about the lock cylinder is opened (password can not be changed)

  • Mechanical structure, can withstand a very harsh external environment, the use of a wide range.

  • Simple operation, unlocking time is relatively short, the average unlock time of about 15 seconds.

  • The actual password large security performance, test unlock probability is almost zero.

  • Simple structure, solid and reliable

Package Includes:

1x Bike Locks

Code Password Bike Combination Lock Bike Cable Lock Tough Security Coded Steel