Pakcage Including: Cycling Helmet

1 x Bicycle Helmet with back light

2 x Extra battery (  you can use more than 2 year by 3 batteries.)

1 x Cycling Glasses




1,100% Brand New, High Quality.

2,Ventilation,use air cooling make the air free.

3,Easy to use,with magic buckle connection.

4,Easy-to-adjust webbing ensures a comfortable fit

5,Comfortable and washable lining with insect nets, nylon strap,senior double-sided velvet protection pad.

6,Surrounding: Anti-windage streamlined design, 36 breathable big vents, without visor.   


How to wear?Bicycle Helmet


1: Open the strap. (A)

2: Put the helmet on the head level, slowly tighten the strap until you feel comfortable.(B)

3: Adjust the strap below the ear. (C)

4: After adjusting the strap, tighten the strap close to the chin. (D)

Cycling Helmet Integrally-molded Bicycle Helmet Road Mountain MTB Bike Ultra